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We are a cooperative of farmers and agronomists. We grow vegetables in a naturally sustainable way and deep-freeze them within hours of harvest. We have been doing this for 50 years and over time, with passion and innovation, we have become the leading Italian group in the production of fresh frozen vegetables.

Thanks to the connection with our member farmers, we have total control of the supply chain: from sowing to harvesting, from field to table. We do everything by vocation. And we do it in Italy, our wonderful homeland: we grow seasonal produce in the open field with naturally sustainable farming practices and processes.


Our farmers

Our member farmers are the soul of the cooperative. With them we share the knowledge and the resources needed to achieve top quality and safety for Orogel products. More than 85% of our raw materials come from our member farmers. The remaining 15% concerns fresh or frozen ingredients that we purchase from top-notch supply chains to offer products of the highest quality.


How we grow our vegetables

We grow our vegetables according to nature, respecting the agronomic calendar: for example, spring vegetables between March and June, when the weather is milder; summer vegetables in the warmer months. We use the most state-of-the-art techniques of sustainable agriculture, combining the knowledge of the land and innovative equipment to be always ahead of the game.


Our people

It is the people who work at Orogel who make Orogel. Cooperating is natural for us: it is teamwork and the desire to achieve common goals that make us able to maintain high standards of quality, safety, and innovation over time. 


How we deep-freeze

Only a few hours after harvesting, the vegetables go from the field to the factory. This is where air, water, steam, cold and the most modern and innovative technologies deliver naturally deep-frozen products.


Our commitment is a promise kept every day. Find out what we believe in.

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Orogel Società Cooperativa Agricola

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