How we deep-freeze

Our deep-freezing process



Deep-freezing consists of: sorting, washing, cutting, blanching and deep-freezing itself.




The advantages of deep-frozen products

Deep-frozen foods are often underestimated as being less nutritious than fresh vegetable products. Yet, scientific data show that these are only unfounded prejudices. In fact, deep-frozen products naturally preserve the freshness of freshly harvested produce and give countless advantages from a nutritional and economic point of view, as well as reducing food waste.

Guaranteed quality over time

Balanced diet all year round

Saving time in the kitchen

Guaranteed naturalness

Deep-frozen Vs. Frozen? 

The two terms are very often used as if they were synonyms. Yet, there is a major difference between deep-freezing and just freezing food. First, freezing is a home process, whereas deep-freezing can only be carried out industrially. The main difference between the two processes is the time it takes to cool the food down and the temperature that is reached in the process.


The food is brought to a temperature of -18°C in about 1 hour. During the cooling process, the water contained in the product solidifies into such small micro-crystals that the cell structure is not damaged. Therefore, the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the food are kept intact for a long time, even during thawing.


The process is much slower and takes place in the home freezer. During the cooling process, the water contained in the product solidifies into such large crystals that cause the cell walls to break down. As a result, valuable nutritional and organoleptic values are lost during thawing.

An Italian, naturally sustainable company 

Our commitment is a promise kept every day: being naturally sustainable. Sustainable at farming, preparing, and deep-freezing our products, as our real way of being.


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