Our member farmers

The heart of Orogel

Member farmers are the beating heart of Orogel, and we aim to serve our members. The relationship we establish is one of trust, full cooperation, and support in carrying out operational and economic activities. But also of training and careful monitoring of strict quality standards.

How we support our member farmers

We promote connections

We train and inform our member farmers

We plan crops

We provide services

We purchase technical equipment

Seed selection


How we cultivate our fields

We grow our vegetables according to nature, respecting the agronomic calendar: for example, spring vegetables between March and June, when the weather is milder; summer vegetables in the warmer months. We use the most state-of-the-art techniques of sustainable agriculture, combining the knowledge of the land and innovative equipment to be always ahead of the game.


Orogel Società Cooperativa Agricola

Sede Legale Via Dismano, 2830 47522 Cesena (FC) - Italy

Service number 800 286660

P.I. 00800010407

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