Commitment to people

Our member farmers

Not only do we support our member farmers in their work and in the administrative procedures, but we also keep on training them, sharing information and taking part in a common strategy for the definition of production and commercialization standards, as well as for the protection of the environment. 

Our collaborators

Collaboration is natural for us: it is teamwork and the desire to achieve common goals together that makes us able to maintain high standards of quality, safety, and innovation over time.


We offer targeted training on health, safety, and hygiene on an ongoing basis with a focus on prevention, work organisation and the enhancement of everyone's role and responsibility. 

Corporate welfare 

Productivity bonus

Interest-free loans

Subsidiary guaranties for loans and mortgages

Part-time work after maternity leave

School voucher

After-school activities

Summer Camp

Retail vouchers

In-house gym

Social housing

The commitment towards the society

Our welfare is closely connected to the local area, where Orogel has its roots and where it has been promoting solidarity and support actions to the community through:

F.OR (Fruttadoro Orogel) Foundation

On the occasion of our 50th anniversary celebrations in 2017, we founded F.OR., a foundation working for social responsibility and support, solidarity and culture, to which the Orogel Group allots 5% of its profits. 

Consorzio Romagna Iniziative

We were among the promoters and the first members of Romagna Iniziative, a consortium between some of the most important businesses operating in the area of Cesena and Romagna, which promotes sports activities, as well as artistic and cultural projects with a special focus on young people.

Fondazione Romagna Solidale

Orogel contributed to the creation of Fondazione Romagna Solidale, a foundation which is made up of 70 local companies that provide financial aid to support the quality of life of the weakest and neediest, funding not-for-profit organisations operating in various sectors: from health protection to disabilities, from assistance to the elderly to training for young people.

How we deep-freeze

Only a few hours after harvesting, the vegetables go from the field to the factory. This is where air, water, steam, cold and the most modern and innovative technologies deliver naturally deep-frozen products. 


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